NEET Vacation

I was wrong on short term options 

  • I’m a horrible trader. 
  • Been really good over long term
  • Really bad when I try to play market timings. 

Current plan. 

  • Everything says markets will crash. Catalyst wasn’t coronavirus or oil. From what I read it will be deflation and pension drawdowns. 


  • It’s the long-term play. 
  • Some chainlink cuz I’m a frog. 


  • This is Noah’s flood. 
  • We need to change if we’re going to be happy. That should be pretty obvious this time. 

What I’m doing these days. 

  • Reading, working out, writing poems. Pepe memes. 
  • Stress for first time in a while over financials. 
  • I need to be a better Christian. 

But optimistic. I’m going to make it and people are going to be happy. 

What I’m reading. 

  • Quixote. Shogun. Adventure
  • Walsh and cs Lewis. Christianity by smart people. 

A poem:


H’not once donned a suit and tie to th’office

Does little but work out and read all day

Striving to be younger a child at play

A well read troll, a pasty Adonis.

How to Defeat Monsters

  1. Nietzsche quote. “Be careful fight with monsters lest you become one.”
  2. What it means to be a monster.  Spreading evil, doing harm to yourself and others.
  3. For me it was sex.
  4. I was insecure. Grew up wanting sexual intimacy and couldn’t get that. Then I fought insecurities. Got into PUA, learned how women work, started having sex. Then I became a monster. Starting having lots and lots of sex.
  5. I realized I was a monster.
    GBFM: posted on game websites saying beta and alpha are inverted.
    It started to make sense to me as I read more and better understood people.
    The worst thing I ever did was talk a virgin into saying she should have sex.
    Didn’t realize I was a monster til 2 years later.
    I came very close to becoming a monster. Being a monster is tempting. It looks cool.
  6. Do you need to experience evil to be good? No. You can trust wisdom of others. This is very hard. Especially for adolescents. There must be order in these kids lives.
  7. It’s wise to not want. Be virtuous I’m telling you. It’s better than the alternatives. It’s even wiser to not promote wanting in others. You don’t need to be a priest or social outcast to do this.
  8. How to stop being a monster. Discipline. Yeah it sucks. At first. And then it’s freakin awesome. It sucks to want and not have. It’s cool to have what you want. But that leads to more wanting. Trust me.

How to Trade Options

  1. Intro: Good time to be Christian. Even for you atheists. 
  2. Mental models by Charlie munger
  3. I’m excited for the present and the future.
  4. Present has good books and extra workouts.
  5. Future has potential for revolution.
  6. I used to think economics was the most important. It’s important, but lots are important. 
  7. Economics is basically the study of incentives. What makes someone choose to something versus another thing? Macro economics is this at scale. 
  8. Finance, including personal finance, is a mental and very physical model that facilitates money in economic decisions. 
  9. These days I’m trading options. Why. 
  10. Overview on puts calls and spreads. Like 20 minutes in, ish.
  11. Thesis short term markets: will go down. Because people aren’t buying or doing things, supply lines and factories will close down. Boomers will not put their money back in.
  12. Long term: it’ll be different. I want people to see how fragile their American Dream is. See that it’s greed that made boomers work into their 70s and retire without getting what they wanted. You can’t control external events.
  13. Puts short term. Don’t expect markets to fully recover for a long time. Find meaning in each other and in Christianity. Read great books. Epic poems, the Bible, Nietzsche. 

Rebuttal to Rihanna – Only Girl

– [singing, poorly, but avoiding copyright infringement, which has been an issue in the past, song: Only Girl]

– Re: last episode, how to create a system where people can pursue Christianity and strength. National socialism tried and so did founders who didn’t foresee modern consumerist world. They’d be in favor of constrained capitalism. 

– girl wants man to make her feel special

– Common theme in pop songs of all genres. You’re the only girl, you’re too good to be shared, etc. 

– Only applies to attractive dudes

– Dudes aren’t attractive unless other girls want them. 

– This is a paradox. 

– When you do attract a woman, if you want to keep her attracted you have to balance this. 

– This takes work. You need to constantly be better. 

– This is number one cause of breakups. 

– What’s alternative? 2 things. Always be the most attractive person. Or have values that transcend attraction. 

– I used to not know about other values. Being attractive was peak human. 

– Story: food poisoning. 

– Before that, story: didn’t introduce to parents. 

– Most pop stars know this. Women throw themselves at them. Rock stars know how to appeal to women and it’s not by following their own advice. 

– Why lie? It sells. They market to the narcissism in the masses. 

– What’s worse for the narcissist than being a side chick or being told she has to work for a relationship? Being alone. 

– I say her but the pop song advice for boys is just as bad. Ask a girl how to attract her and she will say make her feel like the only girl in the world. But again, that only applies to dude she’s attracted to already. 

– So rather than lifting weights or building social skills, men do things to make girls feel special, when it’s not that kind of man a girl wants to be made to feel special by. 

Talking Big Game ep 46 – stop being attractive

  1. Quote from first blog article I ever wrote. 
  2. I understood attraction.
  3. I didn’t have the full picture when I made my first blog article.
  4. Common values.
    1. Kids.
    2. Money.
    3. Virtue.
  5. It’s not appealing to say you have to choose – a good person or an attractive person.
  6. The goal is happiness, virtue is key. No wanting.
    1. Attractive people create wanting and become less attractive in time.
    2. It really is necessary to have something more in common.
  7. Some attractive behaviors are virtuous. Courage, honesty, leadership.
    1. Others aren’t. Refusal to compromise. Teasing. Inspiring jealousy.
    2. Some virtuous behaviors aren’t attractive. Inability to leave. Variety is fun.
    3. In relationships, this is different mindset. Options versus problems solving.
  8. Women are more likely to bend to your values.
  9. The unattractive if you do the reverse, and not likely to be virtuous.
  10. What the Bible says about all this. 
  11.  Practically…
    1. Screening becomes more important.
    2. You will necessarily be less attractive. Commitment and variety.

Talking Big Game ep 45 – Socialism is the most evil invention

  1. Intro: “The surface shines, while the inside rots” Rise against – audience of one
  2. Strength is happiness.
  3. Nietzsche on Christianity.
  4. Worried about strength of my platform.
  5. Socialism is not the answer.
  6. We are all cyborgs.
  7. It’s making us weak and dumb.
  8. So few of us live a life we envisioned.
  9. Most of us don’t want to.
  10. You don’t go from monogamous to fwb.
  11. Quit fucking up fwb. It’s easy.

Talking Big Game ep 44 – Everyones grass is brown

  1. Intro: “There are certain truths which stand out so openly on the roadsides of life, as it were, that every passer-by may see them. Yet, because of their obviousness, the general run of people disregard such truths or at least they do not make them the object of any concious knowledge. People are so blind to some of the simplest facts in everyday life that they are highly surprised when somebody calls attention to what everybody ought to know.”
  2. I’m a huge hypocrite.
  3. Missing being single.
  4. Missing being in a relationship.
  5. Everyone’s grass is brown.
  6. Dudes are scared of metoo.
  7. Aggressive women are unattractive.
  8. Is there a balance of masculine feminine or are we attracted to the extremes?
  9. Compromising in relationships.
  10. Sexual strategies for different races.