Talking Big Game ep 28 – Betas versus Alphas

  1. Intro: alpha fucks and beta bucks
  2. Definitions.
  3. Alpha: Charlie sheen. Prioritizes him.
  4. Beta: Paul from accounting. Prioritizes her.
  5. Both: 50 shades.
  6. Signs of alpha/beta. Girls, body language. Face tattoos.
  7. It’s all mental.
  8. Alpha husband. Trump.
  9. Beta player. Emo band.
  10. Betas are being voted out of existence.
  11. Metoo, socialism, equality.
  12. Equality under law vs material equality.

Talking Big Game ep 26 – Pop Culture is Destructive

  1. Intro: Loyal lil Wayne.
  2. God is not a woman. Adam and Eve story.
  3. Gay movies. Moonlight and Brokeback.  
  4. Even country music has been debauched. 
  5. 50 shades.
  6. Relationships for attraction sake not virtue.
  7. How do you enter a relationship based on virtue?
  8. Consequences. Porn – legion of skanks story.
  9. Emo rock.
  10. Tv commercials.
  11. How social media works its way in.
    1. Glorifies sex.
    2. Promotes chasing status.
    3. Sells products.
  12. Chivalry was the start of the decline.

Talking Big Game ep 25 – Phone Stuff

  1. Question: how has attraction changed with the internet.
  2. What women say they want vs what they want.
  3. Why I got started online dating.
  4. How I got started.
  5. Attractive profiles. Pictures. Words.
  6. Importance of standing out.
  7. Messaging.
  8. Getting dates.
  9. Maintaining frame with girls.
  10. Sexting. No pictures.
  11. Texting.
  12. Emotions. She’s not in the same emotional state as when you first met her.
  13. Cultural implications of online dating.

Talking Big Game ep 24 – Sex Lives Matter

  1. Sex is a major part of any relationship.
  2. Sexual tension is fun and a primary biological driver.
  3. Did shrooms yesterday.
  4. Body wasn’t really important. It didn’t know what to do.
  5. The mind was infinitely powerful and not held to the physical constraints of the brain.
  6. Time and peeing didn’t matter.
  7. The high was interesting. The comedown was more fun.
  8. Laughter is the greatest thing in life. I’m going to have to work to find laughter in Montana.
  9. Spicy Latinas.
  10. Race.

Talking Big Game ep 23 – Breakups

I recorded this episode a couple weeks ago, so don’t be surprised at the intro which says I haven’t recorded in a while. “Why don’t you edit that out?” Yeah, I know. I like talking, not editing. One day I’ll put more effort into editing. Until then, deal with it. I talk about the breakup with my girlfriend.

  1. The events that happened.  
  2. Timing of decision.
  3. What I liked about her.
  4. What I like about women.
  5. What I didn’t.
  6. What it means to be present.
  7. Disrespectful actions.
  8. General disrespectful behavior.
  9. How I got over it.
  10. How I’ll improve future relationships.
  11. What this says about the culture.
  12. What we can do about it. Phone free zones.

Talking Big Game ep 22 – Don’t be NPC

  1. Religious is the reason to have relationships. And it’s attractive.
  2. Sex is a lens to view things through.
  3. Social media is evil.
  4. Donald trump vs Hillary was absolutely male vs female.
  5. Incels.
  6. Npc meme.
  7. The meme in pop culture. Feminists, extreme social liberals.
  8. Example: my girlfriend, listening to her friends and media.
  9. Sources of programming:
    1. News.
    2. Social media.
    3. Media – movies, music, tv.
    4. Universities.
    5. Parents
  10. NPC promotes the opposite. They promote lack of diversity of thought, outcome, and physical appearance.
  11. Example: dating sites are trying to eliminate racism.
  12. How to not be an NPC:
    1. Eliminate overload of information.
    2. Cross-discipline education.
    3. Choose virtue.
  13. Red dead revolver 2 anti feminist banned.

Talking Big Game ep 21 – Religious people are smarter than atheists

  1. Intro: talking to you about the good word of the lord today.
  2. Religious background. Elementary school through gbfm.
  3. Finding god. Through psychology.
  4. The Bible is the best book on psychology ever written.
  5. What it means to fear god.
  6. Haters say religion is for the stupid.
  7. That’s beats the shit out of what will happen when there’s no religion keeping people moral.
  8. Atheists that want to create morals aren’t as creative as authors of Bible.
  9. We learn from others. Bible beats feminism.
  10. Religion in war isn’t biblical.
  11. Masses misunderstand intent of Bible.
  12. Atheists are not self aware in comparison.


Talking Big Game ep 20 – Election Night

  1. Election Day. Story from trump. Chastity.
  2. What do women need out of a relationship?
    1. Emotional stability.
    2. Strength in mind and body.
      1. My friend asked his girl where she wants to eat for birthday then got upset when she got upset lol.
    3. Sexuality.
  3. Different types of female personalities.
    1. AWALT.
    2. Shy girls.
    3. Loud whores.
  4. How do I handle being told no from a girl?
    1. Calibrate. Have empathy.
    2. Be positive.
    3. Be unreactive.
  5. How do you make a strong first impression.
    1. Don’t have any insecurities.
    2. Be positive. Not mandatory but easier.
    3. Lead. Don’t be reactive.
  6. What movies, books, etc do I recommend?
    1. Game by roosh.
    2. Heartiste, Patrice, rational male.
    3. Courses and videos by rsd.
  7. Jordan Peterson.
    1. Conservatives are smart and I like the conflict.
  8. Election Day.
    1. Voting based on sex.
    2. Poor people have more kids. Different motivations.
    3. Women shouldn’t vote lol.