Talking Big Game ep 14

  1. Men and women would be happier in biblical traditional relationships.
  2. New philosophy. NOW I’m anti feminist.
  3. Women are to blame.
  4. Gbfm.
  5. Honesty isn’t enough for virtue.
  6. Laws of Moses disagree with laws of social media.
  7. Don’t have sex with neighbors wife, including future wife.
  8. Are men and women happier without this sex?
  9. How do we get there?
  10. How this affects me?
  11. Direction of podcast.

Talking Big Game ep 13

  1. Women’s social skills. 
  2. How to flirt with kids in front of their parents.
  3. Online dating doesn’t make you good at dating.
  4. Why I did online dating.
  5. “There are no good men.” Were there a few years ago?
  6. How to find a good man.
  7. Dating advice for women.
  8. Why relationships fail.
  9. The game applies when you meet her and when you’re having kids in 10 Years.
  10. Be strong and honest.
  11. How to date multiple women.

Talking Big Game ep 12

  1. Introverts are pussies and extroverts are dumb.
  2. Mental models to explain the world.
  3. Hormones and Game as mental models.
  4. Dealing with social pressure.
  5. How to get good at dealing with it.
  6. Being dominant versus being controlling.
  7. Showing weakness versus showing feelings.
  8. Baggage. Callback on why not to date a slut.
  9. Signs of baggage.
  10. It’s not fair. That’s how it is.

Talking Big Game ep 10

  1. Got pranked.
  2. Bartending is status.
  3. Diversity and stereotypes. 
  4. What diversity do you want? Colors but same or stereotypes?
  5. Muslim Uber driver says fuck Islamic state but Muslims tight.
  6. Sexist vs sexual. Isms verse ials.
  7. The left wants Muslims and feminism. Can’t.
  8. There aren’t that many racists out there.
  9. Richard Spencer.
  10. “Hard truths”
  11. The allegations against Hollywood and left political figures. Projections.
  12. I’m a feminist.

Talking Big Game ep 9

  1. Intro music coming and hope people are cool. 
  2. Dreamforce.
  3. Interacting w AI – selfless chatbots are more used and more trusted.
  4. Where should and shouldn’t we trust AI?
  5. What will humans do in a robotic society?
  6. How do dudes stay attractive in a robotic society?
  7. Creating morals in AI.
  8. Where do values come from.
  9. How I came to my values and how they took priority.
  10. Connecting w people through my values. It’s the only way.
  11. Wisdom vs smart.
  12. Hormones. Men and women.
  13. Using hormone knowledge to make decisions.

Talking Big Game ep 8

  1. Harvey Weinstein. Power is mental.
  2. No one walked away. Why not?
  3. What’s more important to women – their dignity or being with a powerful man or climbing the corporate ladder? Men?
  4. Power is what we allow it to be.
  5. Sexual harassment, the double standard held between unattractive and attractive.
  6. Jeff isn’t having sex bc he gave away all his power.
  7. Hope he’s alright. Says positive, sounds delusional.
  8. Weird being a clear thinker that’s good with women.
  9. Does any man want to “settle down” forever?
  10. Do we communicate well?
  11. Being dominant is doing what you want. Not choking her.
  12. Walking around with a boner. Childish or masculine?

Talking Big Game ep 4

Had a great time recording this show with a good friend. He will be back. We drafted the following agenda for the show ahead of time. We did not stick to it at all. It’s just here because I think it’s funny.

  • Halloween role play with the girlfriend.
  • Role playing. What’s the big deal?
  • “Women don’t want to be monogamous as much as men.”
  • Should I talk relationships w the girlfriend?
  • Talking sex with other women.
  • Keeping game strong in a relationship.
  • Should men sacrifice in a relationship.
  • How did you learn “game”?
  • Consequences of not learning game.
  • Teaching children game?
  • Baby mama game.