Talking Big Game ep 3

October 15, 2017

  1. Last night. 
  2. Honesty. Why it means so much to me?
  3. What does it mean to be honest with yourself?
  4. Inhibitions.
  5. How I became honest with myself.
  6. What does it mean to be honest with others?
  7. How I learned to become honest with others.
  8. Relationship issues are due to honesty. Friend zone. Communication.
  9. Social commentary related to honesty. Political correctness. Feminism.
  10. In the office. Relationships, vacations, finding meaning.
  11. Finding meaning is defining values and living those values.
  12. How to be more honest.
  13. Honesty and dishonesty vs happiness.

Talking Big Game ep 2

  1. Job interview.
  2. She wants women to do well in the workplace. By men pretending she’s The Rock.
  3. She wants men to lie. What’s better?
  4. Destroying cuteness.
  5. Women’s dress. 
  6. Men’s fashion. 
  7. Why am I here, talking?
  8. Would do radio for a job or just podcast. Could spend hours talking ideas about relationships. 
  9. Why are any of us here doing what we’re doing right now? 
  10. Retirement versus scraping by. 
  11. Game will solve all your problems. Game is enlightenment. 
  12. My story. Don’t need money, vacations, many women. I think. 
  13. Animal instincts. Should these be celebrated or should we do what society says is right? 
  14. My girl wants both. I give her animal. She likes that. 

Talking Big Game ep 1


  1. My relationship. 
  2. Others relationships.
  3. Stuff I watched online. Patrice on Brazilian women. It’s not the pussy. 
  4. People at work. Talking about work. 
  5. Vacations stink. 
  6. People making eye contact invite connection. Handicapped girl on train.
  7. News. The fire. How it impacts me. I texted second chick. About her. 
  8. Everyone needs to date two women at the same time. 
  9. How I learned to do that. It’s not taught in school. 
  10. Should game be taught in school? 
  11. In a healthy relationship, does game get better or worse?
  12. Leggingspal.
  13. Sexy winter clothing for women. Men need to be honest.

Answering Seddit – 10-08

  1. How to get to know her better?
  2. Going out alone, social pressure.
  3. 25 year old virgin that won’t take action.
  4. Can’t stand shit tests. What do?
  5. How to be more well-spoken?
  6. What to text her the next day?
  7. Should I assume everything I say repulses her?
  8. Should I maintain eye contact? (I know people.. I know.)
  9. Can I make my wife fall in love with a slut?
  10. How to meet virgins?
  11. Guy with no credibility destroys own credibility then tries to preach.

Answering Seddit – 8-25

  1. How to approach “singles” on their phone?
  2. How do I stop being goofy?
  3. How do I stop thinking about girls?
  4. How to deal with controlling girls?
  5. Captain Obvious walks around college campus and shares observations.
  6. Spam approaching is not seduction.
  7. What’s the best way to connect with women emotionally?
  8. Rsd vs Mystery. Which player is best?
  9. How often do you masturbate?
  10. Live read,
  11. How should I act on a date?