Talking Big Game ep 35 – How to Have Fun Conversation

  1. Intro. It’s better for your relationship if a bitch hates you rather than feeling indifferent. Indifference is the death of romance.
  2. Listener question so many conversations are boring how do you avoid that?
  3. Story flirting this weekend.
  4. Texting.
  5. Look for fun and funny. Sexual.
  6. Role plays.
  7. Flip the script.
  8. Get used to talking a lot.
  9. Qualifications and Disqualification.
  10. Us versus then.
  11. Depends on what you find fun. Be passionate.
  12. Depends on where you are in the relationship. Sort of.
  13. Depends on where you are physically. Club versus backyard.

Talking Big Game ep 34 – Don’t be a Cuckold

  1. Intro: Hemingway.
  2. Break expectations. To be attractive and to determine what’s best.
  3. Do what you love. I make myself laugh and challenge ideas.
  4. Gervais. 
  5. I don’t want to sound like a bigot but.
  6. I’m not racist. Don’t interpret what I say as racist.
  7. Girlfriend was living for her friends.
  8. Gervais continued.
  9. Fuck dogs.
  10. 99% of people are good.
  11. Even cops.
  12. 99% of people are dumb.
  13. Variety is kind of cool.
  14. I need to do more things to keep a show going. Not just Roman Empire.

Talking Big Game ep 32 – “Don’t bother me I’m eating”

  1. Intro. Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out in in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat.
  2. On passion.
  3. Damn near passed out at target.
  4. Meeting girls in the gym.
  5. Meeting girls on the street.
  6. Is flirting virtuous?
  7. Stretching.
  8. Gays are bad influences on women.

    1. They have no functional purpose.
    2. They shouldn’t vote.
    3. I do like gay people. Especially bi dudes.
    4. They know their pleasure.
  9. What is good sex? 

    1. Iceberg slim.
    2. My great sex.
  10. Good sex is great if it’s contained.

Talking Big Game ep 31 – Don’t Cheat

  1. Rant: gender inequality.
  2. Camping and crab fishing.
  3. What are grounds for divorce?
  4. Cheating.
  5. White people cheating vs black people cheating.
  6. Cheating and attraction.
  7. Keep going back and forth on this libertarian vs conservative politics.
  8. Finance property: good things tend to get better. Bad, worse. 

Talking Big Game ep 28 – Betas versus Alphas

  1. Intro: alpha fucks and beta bucks
  2. Definitions.
  3. Alpha: Charlie sheen. Prioritizes him.
  4. Beta: Paul from accounting. Prioritizes her.
  5. Both: 50 shades.
  6. Signs of alpha/beta. Girls, body language. Face tattoos.
  7. It’s all mental.
  8. Alpha husband. Trump.
  9. Beta player. Emo band.
  10. Betas are being voted out of existence.
  11. Metoo, socialism, equality.
  12. Equality under law vs material equality.

Talking Big Game ep 26 – Pop Culture is Destructive

  1. Intro: Loyal lil Wayne.
  2. God is not a woman. Adam and Eve story.
  3. Gay movies. Moonlight and Brokeback.  
  4. Even country music has been debauched. 
  5. 50 shades.
  6. Relationships for attraction sake not virtue.
  7. How do you enter a relationship based on virtue?
  8. Consequences. Porn – legion of skanks story.
  9. Emo rock.
  10. Tv commercials.
  11. How social media works its way in.
    1. Glorifies sex.
    2. Promotes chasing status.
    3. Sells products.
  12. Chivalry was the start of the decline.

Talking Big Game ep 25 – Phone Stuff

  1. Question: how has attraction changed with the internet.
  2. What women say they want vs what they want.
  3. Why I got started online dating.
  4. How I got started.
  5. Attractive profiles. Pictures. Words.
  6. Importance of standing out.
  7. Messaging.
  8. Getting dates.
  9. Maintaining frame with girls.
  10. Sexting. No pictures.
  11. Texting.
  12. Emotions. She’s not in the same emotional state as when you first met her.
  13. Cultural implications of online dating.