How to Defeat Monsters

  1. Nietzsche quote. “Be careful fight with monsters lest you become one.”
  2. What it means to be a monster.  Spreading evil, doing harm to yourself and others.
  3. For me it was sex.
  4. I was insecure. Grew up wanting sexual intimacy and couldn’t get that. Then I fought insecurities. Got into PUA, learned how women work, started having sex. Then I became a monster. Starting having lots and lots of sex.
  5. I realized I was a monster.
    GBFM: posted on game websites saying beta and alpha are inverted.
    It started to make sense to me as I read more and better understood people.
    The worst thing I ever did was talk a virgin into saying she should have sex.
    Didn’t realize I was a monster til 2 years later.
    I came very close to becoming a monster. Being a monster is tempting. It looks cool.
  6. Do you need to experience evil to be good? No. You can trust wisdom of others. This is very hard. Especially for adolescents. There must be order in these kids lives.
  7. It’s wise to not want. Be virtuous I’m telling you. It’s better than the alternatives. It’s even wiser to not promote wanting in others. You don’t need to be a priest or social outcast to do this.
  8. How to stop being a monster. Discipline. Yeah it sucks. At first. And then it’s freakin awesome. It sucks to want and not have. It’s cool to have what you want. But that leads to more wanting. Trust me.

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