How to Trade Options

  1. Intro: Good time to be Christian. Even for you atheists. 
  2. Mental models by Charlie munger
  3. I’m excited for the present and the future.
  4. Present has good books and extra workouts.
  5. Future has potential for revolution.
  6. I used to think economics was the most important. It’s important, but lots are important. 
  7. Economics is basically the study of incentives. What makes someone choose to something versus another thing? Macro economics is this at scale. 
  8. Finance, including personal finance, is a mental and very physical model that facilitates money in economic decisions. 
  9. These days I’m trading options. Why. 
  10. Overview on puts calls and spreads. Like 20 minutes in, ish.
  11. Thesis short term markets: will go down. Because people aren’t buying or doing things, supply lines and factories will close down. Boomers will not put their money back in.
  12. Long term: it’ll be different. I want people to see how fragile their American Dream is. See that it’s greed that made boomers work into their 70s and retire without getting what they wanted. You can’t control external events.
  13. Puts short term. Don’t expect markets to fully recover for a long time. Find meaning in each other and in Christianity. Read great books. Epic poems, the Bible, Nietzsche. 

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