NEET Vacation

I was wrong on short term options 

  • I’m a horrible trader. 
  • Been really good over long term
  • Really bad when I try to play market timings. 

Current plan. 

  • Everything says markets will crash. Catalyst wasn’t coronavirus or oil. From what I read it will be deflation and pension drawdowns. 


  • It’s the long-term play. 
  • Some chainlink cuz I’m a frog. 


  • This is Noah’s flood. 
  • We need to change if we’re going to be happy. That should be pretty obvious this time. 

What I’m doing these days. 

  • Reading, working out, writing poems. Pepe memes. 
  • Stress for first time in a while over financials. 
  • I need to be a better Christian. 

But optimistic. I’m going to make it and people are going to be happy. 

What I’m reading. 

  • Quixote. Shogun. Adventure
  • Walsh and cs Lewis. Christianity by smart people. 

A poem:


H’not once donned a suit and tie to th’office

Does little but work out and read all day

Striving to be younger a child at play

A well read troll, a pasty Adonis.

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