Rebuttal to Rihanna – Only Girl

– [singing, poorly, but avoiding copyright infringement, which has been an issue in the past, song: Only Girl]

– Re: last episode, how to create a system where people can pursue Christianity and strength. National socialism tried and so did founders who didn’t foresee modern consumerist world. They’d be in favor of constrained capitalism. 

– girl wants man to make her feel special

– Common theme in pop songs of all genres. You’re the only girl, you’re too good to be shared, etc. 

– Only applies to attractive dudes

– Dudes aren’t attractive unless other girls want them. 

– This is a paradox. 

– When you do attract a woman, if you want to keep her attracted you have to balance this. 

– This takes work. You need to constantly be better. 

– This is number one cause of breakups. 

– What’s alternative? 2 things. Always be the most attractive person. Or have values that transcend attraction. 

– I used to not know about other values. Being attractive was peak human. 

– Story: food poisoning. 

– Before that, story: didn’t introduce to parents. 

– Most pop stars know this. Women throw themselves at them. Rock stars know how to appeal to women and it’s not by following their own advice. 

– Why lie? It sells. They market to the narcissism in the masses. 

– What’s worse for the narcissist than being a side chick or being told she has to work for a relationship? Being alone. 

– I say her but the pop song advice for boys is just as bad. Ask a girl how to attract her and she will say make her feel like the only girl in the world. But again, that only applies to dude she’s attracted to already. 

– So rather than lifting weights or building social skills, men do things to make girls feel special, when it’s not that kind of man a girl wants to be made to feel special by. 

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