Talking Big Game ep 26 – Pop Culture is Destructive

  1. Intro: Loyal lil Wayne.
  2. God is not a woman. Adam and Eve story.
  3. Gay movies. Moonlight and Brokeback.  
  4. Even country music has been debauched. 
  5. 50 shades.
  6. Relationships for attraction sake not virtue.
  7. How do you enter a relationship based on virtue?
  8. Consequences. Porn – legion of skanks story.
  9. Emo rock.
  10. Tv commercials.
  11. How social media works its way in.
    1. Glorifies sex.
    2. Promotes chasing status.
    3. Sells products.
  12. Chivalry was the start of the decline.

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