Talking Big Game ep 32 – “Don’t bother me I’m eating”

  1. Intro. Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out in in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat.
  2. On passion.
  3. Damn near passed out at target.
  4. Meeting girls in the gym.
  5. Meeting girls on the street.
  6. Is flirting virtuous?
  7. Stretching.
  8. Gays are bad influences on women.

    1. They have no functional purpose.
    2. They shouldn’t vote.
    3. I do like gay people. Especially bi dudes.
    4. They know their pleasure.
  9. What is good sex? 

    1. Iceberg slim.
    2. My great sex.
  10. Good sex is great if it’s contained.

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