Talking Big Game ep 35 – How to Have Fun Conversation

  1. Intro. It’s better for your relationship if a bitch hates you rather than feeling indifferent. Indifference is the death of romance.
  2. Listener question so many conversations are boring how do you avoid that?
  3. Story flirting this weekend.
  4. Texting.
  5. Look for fun and funny. Sexual.
  6. Role plays.
  7. Flip the script.
  8. Get used to talking a lot.
  9. Qualifications and Disqualification.
  10. Us versus then.
  11. Depends on what you find fun. Be passionate.
  12. Depends on where you are in the relationship. Sort of.
  13. Depends on where you are physically. Club versus backyard.

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