Talking Big Game ep 40 – Eugenics

  1. Intro: “Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken.”
  2. Chinese eugenics. Gene modification.
  3. One child policy.
  4. China is going to obliterate us if AI doesn’t.
  5. I don’t believe conspiracy theories despite evidence.
  6. Tired of talking. Introverts need to learn skills.
  7. Blue steak.
  8. Food and hormones and training.
  9. Boxing and goals for 2019.
  10. No sex in so long.
  11. Satisfaction principle versus adaptation principle.
  12. Baumeister: Avoiding vice is better than overcoming it.
  13. Born again virgins.
  14. Stop rewarding jerks, ladies.
  15. I’d hate the world I want to build.
  16. I am authoritarian.
  17. Where does reform begin? Sexual marketplace.
  18. No fear and inadequacy in advertising.
  19. Who does governments have in mind – the masses or the elites?
  20. Is good sex good for the relationship?

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