Talking Big Game ep 46 – stop being attractive

  1. Quote from first blog article I ever wrote. 
  2. I understood attraction.
  3. I didn’t have the full picture when I made my first blog article.
  4. Common values.
    1. Kids.
    2. Money.
    3. Virtue.
  5. It’s not appealing to say you have to choose – a good person or an attractive person.
  6. The goal is happiness, virtue is key. No wanting.
    1. Attractive people create wanting and become less attractive in time.
    2. It really is necessary to have something more in common.
  7. Some attractive behaviors are virtuous. Courage, honesty, leadership.
    1. Others aren’t. Refusal to compromise. Teasing. Inspiring jealousy.
    2. Some virtuous behaviors aren’t attractive. Inability to leave. Variety is fun.
    3. In relationships, this is different mindset. Options versus problems solving.
  8. Women are more likely to bend to your values.
  9. The unattractive if you do the reverse, and not likely to be virtuous.
  10. What the Bible says about all this. 
  11.  Practically…
    1. Screening becomes more important.
    2. You will necessarily be less attractive. Commitment and variety.

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