Talking Big Game ep 8

  1. Harvey Weinstein. Power is mental.
  2. No one walked away. Why not?
  3. What’s more important to women – their dignity or being with a powerful man or climbing the corporate ladder? Men?
  4. Power is what we allow it to be.
  5. Sexual harassment, the double standard held between unattractive and attractive.
  6. Jeff isn’t having sex bc he gave away all his power.
  7. Hope he’s alright. Says positive, sounds delusional.
  8. Weird being a clear thinker that’s good with women.
  9. Does any man want to “settle down” forever?
  10. Do we communicate well?
  11. Being dominant is doing what you want. Not choking her.
  12. Walking around with a boner. Childish or masculine?

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