Talking Big Game ep 1


  1. My relationship. 
  2. Others relationships.
  3. Stuff I watched online. Patrice on Brazilian women. It’s not the pussy. 
  4. People at work. Talking about work. 
  5. Vacations stink. 
  6. People making eye contact invite connection. Handicapped girl on train.
  7. News. The fire. How it impacts me. I texted second chick. About her. 
  8. Everyone needs to date two women at the same time. 
  9. How I learned to do that. It’s not taught in school. 
  10. Should game be taught in school? 
  11. In a healthy relationship, does game get better or worse?
  12. Leggingspal.
  13. Sexy winter clothing for women. Men need to be honest.

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