Talking Big Game ep 2

  1. Job interview.
  2. She wants women to do well in the workplace. By men pretending she’s The Rock.
  3. She wants men to lie. What’s better?
  4. Destroying cuteness.
  5. Women’s dress. 
  6. Men’s fashion. 
  7. Why am I here, talking?
  8. Would do radio for a job or just podcast. Could spend hours talking ideas about relationships. 
  9. Why are any of us here doing what we’re doing right now? 
  10. Retirement versus scraping by. 
  11. Game will solve all your problems. Game is enlightenment. 
  12. My story. Don’t need money, vacations, many women. I think. 
  13. Animal instincts. Should these be celebrated or should we do what society says is right? 
  14. My girl wants both. I give her animal. She likes that. 

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